‘I look forward to visiting the trade show and wouldn’t miss it for the world. It gives me the opportunity to discuss needs face to face together with any queries I may have. I look forward to meeting fellow Retailers to get new ideas. The biggest plus is that I get fantastic savings by visiting the show’

Pat Henry – Salts, Coventry

‘it gives me the opportunity to see all of the products and New products out on display from all suppliers. Great offers are available which means big savings. It is also a great social event’

Graham Price – Adlards, Shrewsbury

I always visit the AITS show, as my Uncle David did before me as it is simply good for the Business. There are offers you can’t get otherwise or anywhere else, you have a chance to really see each and every item each supplier has to offer. Better than a catalogue.
Just as important though is the opportunity to meet those you speak to each week or month by phone, it is all too easy to under-estimate the value of this chance to come together as a trade.

Dominic Simmonds – Harrison & Simmonds Ltd

I have attended the AITS show now for over 10 years, the trade show is enjoyable to attend as you get to catch up with other retailers and trade associates who have become friends over the years. It is an invaluable opportunity to get the heads up on new trends and ideas that you can take advantage of over the coming year.
It is the only opportunity you get to see the full range that all the Tobacco suppliers carry under one roof and the discounts and offers more than justify the time and expenses as well as boosting the profit on the year.

Kris Parry – Scarborough

“My most enjoyable working day of the year. More importantly with show offers it is my most profitable. I can’t afford to miss it.”

Mark Brammer